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About me

I am Haley Rose, Owner and Photographer of Texas Rock n Rose. I am originally from Alice, and I currently reside in Mcallen, Texas! I have photographed almost 400 weddings all over Texas over the past 7 years as a full time photographer. The experience and knowledge Ive gained is invaluable. 


Even after photographing hundreds of weddings the thought of the monumental importance of this day being cherished for generations to come never leaves my mind. I envision these photos in albums and on the walls of your families homes for 20, 30, 100 years from now. That is what keeps me grounded and passionate. That is also what keeps my editing style classic and timeless. 


Growing up in South Texas I relate to my clients as I grew up experiencing the same Faith in God, Traditions, and Family values. On wedding day I fit in and consider myself a positive addition to your day helping out anyway I can even beyond photography. Ive bustled many dresses, helped secure the veil, shared my protein snacks with the wedding party, and so much more.  I see it like we are in this together. Following most wedding days clients and their families feel like good friends of mine. I’m grateful to be able to continue photographing their families for years to come even after wedding day from new additions, to family photos, graduation photos and more. 


I genuinely thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to look over my portfolio. Photography is not just my career it is my passion and means everything to me. 


I understand the importance of getting to know your photographer before wedding day or any photoshoot. It is important that you can feel comfortable with the person who is not only capturing your most cherished moments but whose personality is going to be a positive addition to those moments. I am known to over share my life on social media and I do this for this exact reason. We all crave connection and I do my best to make that easy for my clients who become friends. Feel free to add me on all social media platforms business and personal. I also know that making plans with your photographer is not your full time job, so I make myself available sometimes late nights, early mornings, and weekends so that you can feel free to reach out when it is convenient for you. 


Hi Ya'll

Tel: 956-864-7030


Thank you so much for reaching out! I check these persaonlly and cannot wait to talk with you about your wedding day!

"I promise to be as passionate about your moment as you are"

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